The ABC has featured a story on micro algae covering the developments of by Australian researchers and the developments using micro algae as an alternative energy source.

ABC Rural – Mciro-algae- future fuel for rural Australia Oct 2011

All of these developments would benefit from the work being done by WWCC as the genetic modification would greatly enhance the yield of the algae strains being used or these projects could be licensed to use WWCC’s patent gene technology.

On a lighter note the ABC’s Catalyst program has featured an explanatory animation on the application of algae as an alternative fuel source.

Interesting TED talk on the big scale opportunity of algae as an alternative fuel source. Note the comparative chart of the biofuel alternatives comparing algae with other land based crop alternatives being touted as an alternative fuel source. The work of WWCC is complimentary to this development by enhancing the production of this type of facility.