About Us

WWCC is a Hong Kong based private equity company. It is the companies mission to develop an alternative, renewable energy source that adsorbs carbon, uses non-arable land, could remediate polluted water and produces clean high quality hydrocarbons in commercially viable quantities and at competitive production costs.

The company has invested significantly in the research into alternative energy sources and has achieved success in identifying the gene in alga responsible for producing hydrocarbon.  Further the R&D team has transgenically replaced this gene into another non-oil producing organism. This has resulted in a US patent with international patents pending.

Leadership Team

  • Dr Steven A. Hensen – CEO – DBA Finance and International Business, MBA International Business, B.S. in Chemistry, A.S. in Chemical Engineering. Extensive experience in Business Management, Marketing, Business Development and Technical Services.
  • John Kortum – Director. Australian B.Bus. Business background in Cost Management, Productivity and Financial Management Systems.
  • Anthony J. Scott –  Senior Legal Advisor LLB. Experienced Commercial Litigation, International Finance, Property and Insurance Lawyer since 1973.
  • Colin Mowson – Corporate Finance. MSc. Background in Health Science, Economics, Wealth Management and Private Equity. United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
  • Toby Jones – Marketing and Business development. B.Bus Marketing, Dip Strategic Mgt. Marketing specialist with background in marketing management and commercialization of innovations with multinationals in Aust. and Asia.
  • Professor Andy Ball – Environmental Microbiologist with a Phd in Microbiology. Prof Ball is the lead researcher and project leader. Prof Ball has a track record in industrial projects and research with broad and deep understanding of hydrocarbon chemistry, microbial ecology and nutrients, genetics, finance, government liaison. B.Sc, Ph.D (Microbiology) Liverpool University.